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Recap and discussion of 4 x 12 – Conflicts of Interest

I disliked all the Garibaldi story line after the programming and I hated this one a lot.

Having said that, here goes.

We begin by seeing a good side of Garibaldi. He helps a man find his daughter and gets almost misty eyed over their reunion, so there is still come good left in Garibaldi. While this touching scene happens, we see that horrid Wade watching nearby. He and an associate talk about how they will give Garibaldi his first mission soon.

Sheridan has summoned Zack into his darkened (for what reason, I don’t know) office and tells Zack he wants him to get Garibaldi’s weapon and credentials, since he never turned them in. Zack objects but Sheridan says he doesn’t like the company Michael is keeping.

Franklin has returned from Mars and is talking to Ivanova in the War Room. She mentions that she wishes to begin the Voice of the Resistance broadcasts again, but they can’t get the signal out very far since they can’t use ISN anymore. Franklin suggests trying Epsilon III. Ivanova does a facepalm over not thinking of it.

Zack gets Garibaldi’s ID and guns, though Michael is not happy about it.

While Susan heads down to the planet, Wade visits Garibaldi and tells him of his mission – as a body guard and expediter(whatever that is). He agrees.

Ivanova goes to Epsilon III and meets Zathras. She is surprised since she knows he went into the past. They have a long and interesting conversation in which she learns there are 10 (now 9) of Zathras. He agrees to help her.

Garibaldi uses his ‘spare’ identicard to find a back way to the docking bay to meet the person he is to escort and guard. The original contact is not coming and has sent his wife in his stead. She turns out to be Lise Hampton, Garibaldi’s ex and the one he carries a torch for. Her name is now Lise Hampton Edgars.

It turns out that Lise divorced the man who she married after Garibaldi and he took her child. She is now married to William Edgars, the richest man on Mars, who owns a huge medical research facility. Wade tells them the meeting is set.

Sheridan meets with Mollari and G’kar, explaining to them that he has a new job for the Rangers, to protect civilians against Raiders and the Drakh. He wants to place them on Centauri and Narn borders as an example to encourage other of the Non-Aligned Worlds to allow them to help as well. Both object, citing that the other planets will think B5 is trying to use undue influence. Londo also mentions the Drakh are just legends used to frighten Centauri children. They finally reluctantly agree.

Zack notes an unauthorized entry onto the station by Garibaldi. He know then that Garibialdi kept his credentials. He invalidates all of Garibaldi’s IDs and locks him out of using them.

Garibaldi, Wade and Lise head for Downbelow to meet their contact. They do and he gives them an isoblock with something that is supposed to save telepaths from a flaw in their genes that could endanger them, according to Lise. There is trouble and shooting starts. Garibaldi and the rest run and Garibaldi finds out that the ones after them are telepaths. He saved Lise though when the telepaths are caught, they commit suicide.

Ivanova comes back with what she needed but Franklin warns her away from Sheridan, who is yelling at Garibaldi about the three dead men. He threatens Garibaldi but does nothing.

Garibaldi gets a message from Lise and deletes it.

Williams Edgars calls Garibaldi and offers him a job. He takes it.

The Voice of the Resistance is back on the air.



Cmdr. Susan Ivanova: I'm trying to put together a facility to broadcast messages back home and to the other colonies. We've got all of the pieces we need, but--
Zathras: But not having enough power to reach far places! Yes, Zathras understand. Everyone always coming to Zathras with problems. Big responsibility but Zathras does not mind. Zathras trained in crisis management.
Cmdr. Susan Ivanova: That's great, but--
Zathras: But only Zathras have no one to talk to. No one manages poor Zathras, you see. So Zathras talks to dirt. Or to walls, or talks to ceilings. But dirt is closer. Dirt is used to everyone walking on it. Just like Zathras. But we have come to like it. It is our role. It is our destiny in the universe. So, you see, sometimes dirt has insects in it. And Zathras likes insects. Not so good for conversation, but much protein for diet. Hmmm, huh, huh, very good! - Zathras fix now. Come, this way.
Cmdr. Susan Ivanova: [as anchor for the Voice of the Resistance] This is Commander Susan Ivanova of Babylon 5, and this is the first official broadcast of the new Voice of the Resistance. We're sending this signal out to every ship that wants to hear the truth, to our fallen comrades and freedom fighters on Mars and Proxima 3, and to Earth, which, despite what you may have heard, is still our home and still the one dream that we are as loyal to now as we ever have been. Over the last three years, ever since President Clark took over after arranging the assassination of President Santiago, you have been hearing nothing but misinformation, propaganda, and outright lies. Now we're going to tell you the truth, and we're going to keep telling it until they shut us down or until President Clark steps down and returns Earth to the hands of its people. You can kill us, you can bomb our colonies, destroy our ships, murder innocent civilians, but you cannot kill the truth - and the truth is back in business.


1. Who do you think sent the telepaths to intercept the serum?
2. Do you think Lise was actually a surprise stand in for her husband?
3. Does Wade work for Edgars? Or Earth?
4. Is Londo still the Ambassador to B5 even though he is part of the government too?
5. Do you feel sorry for Garibaldi? Or do you just wish him gone?


Lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5:
The Babylon Project:

Check-In – Day 26

26 Jun 2017 21:45
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Let us pretend that I did not miss a day. What have you been doing today?

— Thinking. Maybe a little, maybe a lot.
— Writing.
— Planning and / or researching.
— Editing.
— Sending things to the beta.
— Posting!
— Relaxing, taking a break, etc.
— Other stuff-ing. Look at the comment.

And the question for today: What one thing will get you to drop your writing instantly, whether you wish to or not? (In my case, it's a new Fire Emblem game, but that's me.)

The exgf's cats meet Fig

26 Jun 2017 21:42
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Ibid has a ... troubled history with Nigel so we're holding off on that.

No histrionics but somehow Rufus established himself as a cat Fig needs not to annoy, whereas Nigel is someone Fig will happily follow around.

Also, Fig made himself sick eating daisies, then tried to eat one again.

More Plans Than Events

26 Jun 2017 21:01
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Last week was pretty quiet. This past weekend, too. Though we did go out for soup dumplings with Ingress friends on Sunday.

Julie's startup-founding work continues to progress.

It's the turn of the quarter, so a lot of reflection and planning at work. Things ebb and flow. First quarter was pretty great, this quarter was all right. But I'm excited about the next. For some reason, I'm at least briefly in charge of planning the quarterly goals for my group, which is an interesting opportunity (though I wish some of the related deadlines had been a little better communicated).

I want to get back to writing on my essay blog at some point, but my writing is very slow even for lighter stuff like this.

What else? My parents will be in Boston later this week, and we're going up to Sandy Island Camp next week. That should be fun. Haven't picked out which books I'll bring yet, but I certainly have a lot on my queue.


26 Jun 2017 20:53
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Sign ups are due to end in 48 hours. What time is that for me?

I'm a little worried because we're currently under 20 sign-ups and I'm not sure if we're going to get enough to make matching possible. Hopefully everyone's waiting till the last minute. Hopefully everyone's waiting till the last minute. Tell your friends, tell your enemies. Encourage them to sign up!
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Okay, so, uh. Most of you know that I have a condition called FOP -- Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. For anyone who doesn't: it’s a really fucking rare medical condition where the body creates bone in and around muscles and tendons, progressively immobilizing the body into a human statue. It is incurable and untreatable.

This is a highly relevant video:

The 11-year-old in that video, Erin, got sick in April with basically the common cold, but it landed her in ICU. Between the severe scoliosis that FOP causes (I have way milder curvature because I was older when I started losing mobility, 10 instead of Erin’s 3, and my progression was slower) and the bone locking up her rib cage and taking up space in her chest, her airway is severely compromised. She was intubated as a last-resort measure for keeping her alive.

For the last two months, she’s been bouncing between ICU and “regular” hospital. About a week ago, her parents and doctors were discussing long term care options -- either BiPAP and hope like hell she never gets sick again, or a permanent tracheotomy. The trach procedure, complicated by the restrictions of FOP, would have her in the hospital until at least September and probably longer.

Four hours ago, she stopped breathing.

She has been successfully (re-)intubated, but... it’s bad and scary and so fucking not fair she’s a fucking *kid*, she isn't even 12 yet, she shouldn't be in the fucking *hospital* for *months*, let alone almost fucking *dying*.

(and if I’m being honest, this is fucking scaring me, not just on her behalf. My airway isn’t as bad, but this could be in my future too, and in another universe it could have been my path.)

So. Please, if you pray or send positive vibes or whatever, please send some to Erin and her family.

(She also loves postcards -- address is here -- but mainly I just want positive energy out in the universe for her.)

a different day

26 Jun 2017 17:33
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Today we went hiking. (Me, sib, mom, dad - our fourfold knot in the family web.)

Aunt needed some space. Her mom is over there taking care of cousin. We'll see them tomorrow.

We hiked up to the top of the ridge, added stones to a cairn, and said a few words.

My aunt on my mom's side and one of her grown sons, my oldest cousin, met us for dinner at the lodge, and we talked.

The woods here are so lovely--


26 Jun 2017 19:12
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Had a much, much better day at work. I did not realize just how badly I needed that vacation until I took it. Also, bless my understanding boss, and the coworkers who covered for me while I was off. :)

Still going to see someone about this anxiety shtuff, because a sustained spike like the one that hit me last week, including over much of my vacation time--wow. That was alarming even while I was in the midst of it, to say nothing of what it looks like in hindsight now that I'm a bit more clear-headed. Still dealing with low-grade anxiety, at that. This has honestly been years in coming, high-strung ball of nerves that I am, and I've reached the point where I'm done trying to function through it. My mother might have been able to bull her way through her anxiety until it stopped being an issue for her. I'm not able to do the same. I'm personally fine with that.

Now if I could only be fine with her not being fine with that. ... I'll deal with that aspect of things later. First comes actually getting my head sorted out. I've got an appointment for July 7, and between the aforementioned anxiety issues that are hopefully confirmed as brain chemistry errors and treatable with medication of some sort, and what I suspect are malfunctioning/low functioning depression meds, there's going to be a lot to talk about.

The worst of the sustained anxiety spike seems to be over for now, though. Whew. The time off work has helped the burnout issue, as well. Double whew.
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I've made some icons, and since some of them are Harry Potter icons, I figured what better day to post them than Harry Potter day?

10 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
8 Kingsman: The Secret Service
7 Star Trek Beyond

 photo 04_zpsogmeuh9f.png  photo HP 05_zps17njaybi.png  photo STB 03_zps8bvozv8k.png

Icons Can Be Found Here @ [personal profile] cpt_kirk
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CHAOS Unraveled: 3rd Edition
The perennial archetypes of 'Good' and 'Evil' have devised a momentous contest to determine the dominant force in existence. A long-sought confrontation, both sides have enlisted a figurehead, a shepherd, to gather individuals to champion their cause. Those who come arrive to contend against each other in a plane of existence created expressly for the purpose of this hallowed conquest. Bells toll and drums beat in percussive unison, casting all eyes towards the growing conflux. This vast shell of a world, although quiet and derelict, is neither hollow nor fully abandoned. When only half the regulations are told to its guests, those remaining secrets ferment, waiting to punish the curious and triumph the brave.
• • •
Ever wanted a panfandom RPG with an expansive setting and world, where you can utilize both characters of your own mind and those already existing? Go no further! Chaos Unraveled 3rd Edition is designed for a broad, widely varied cast with a flair for both the dramatic and the comical. Heaven and hell have set one ridiculous mass of a chessboard, and it is up to those such as you to determine the triumphant in this deathly contest!
credit to splott at rp_tutorials
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