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'Nam Sibyllam quidem Cumis ego ipse
oculis meis vidi in ampulla pendere, et cum
illi pueri dicerent: Σιβυλλα τι θελεις;
respondebat illa: αποθανειν θελω.'

I have seen with my own eyes the Sibyl
hanging in a jar, and when the boys
asked her: What do you want;
She answered: I want to die.
The Waste Land | T.S. Eliot

28 y.o. female who goes by the name grue or glitzy, depending on where you know me from. If we're just saying hallo here on DW, then go with whatever you want, I answer to both and honestly have no personal preference.

Entries are mostly public. I talk about writing, fandom, politics, dogs, my failure at the self-publishing racket, games I'm playing or downloading, anecdotes from my surroundings that amuse me, and so on. I am active on steam an insane amount, and if you want to add me on there I won't say no.

My current fandom fixations is Handsome Jack from Borderlands. I mean, I don't write Borderlands fic, I just gaze at Handsome Jack and despair. But it's a good kind of despair. Gets the air into your lungs. No coughing.

I add back/mutual subscribe anyone and everyone provided they don't look like a bot or a Trump supporter. What can I say, I'm easy.
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I think I'm going to try for the rest of October to try to just... disconnect from the news cycle? Because it's from immediate waking until I pass out, all this horrific stuff, and I'm just not getting anything done other than processing it.

Which, of course, is what 45 wants people to do-- put their heads down and endure, not rise up and give voice to all that is wrong, but still. For my own sanity, and for my nonexistent wordcount that cannot stand, I need to disengage here.

So, uh. I'll post on days I've written to record the count, and might tweet in the dead of night when the RTs of 45's latest shitstorm aren't so active, and otherwise will just spend the month getting my stories written, to hell with the rest of it.

One bit of goodness today: the stray husky who has been around for a couple years now-- and who hasn't gotten really close because of (obvs) being shot at by my glorious neighbours-- a few hours ago came to me when I called to eat leftover sopa off a plate as I held it. He's so emaciated, and he's so pretty, and he looks exactly like Cagney did, so I started crying and he finished his snack then took half a step back to give me the sideeye. Which is also what Cagney did, so there we go, that does it.

It'll be getting cold soon, so if I can just get him to stick around and crawl into a makeshift doghouse to keep warm and alive then at the very least I'll consider this a success. Ofc ultimately I want to hug him, but one thing about spooked strays who've had to survive on their own for a while? You do things on their time, not your own.
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Hallo, hallo my dear Yuletide Writer! I am [archiveofourown.org profile] grue, here again for another year to peek at what you have to offer. FIRST: Thank you for taking your time to write something for me. I really appreciate it, and no matter what you come up with, I will be eager to consume.

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has anyone found a fan auction for Puerto Rico yet? I've been googling whatever batch of keywords I can think of daily just to find a thread of one in the works and have come up with nothing so far.

already gave what I could to charity, but I want to do more ):
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playing Dragon Age: Origins. Duncan was a babe, but I've moved on to Alistair because he plays with my dog. in googling which gifts go to who I discovered what kind of fucked-up endings can happen with him if you're not playing a Human Noble, so I'm just chilling and figuring out where to go from here.

[insert rant about old white dude coming out to the land and feeling entitled to tell me what I can and cannot do with my life here]

said old white dude stomped off like a prissy little bitch when I told him to change his tone while he was talking to my mother, that she does not deserve being berated by him, so whatever you fucker, get off my land.

still have to jump through old white dude's hoops though because my mother forgot to send in the money for the land, and now we're on the verge of being foreclosed on. AGAIN. lolololol I want to die.

not getting writing done because of aforementioned hoops and also because I have to do a lot of shit outside in the small spurts of shade we get during the day. I've had a migraine nonstop since I posted the last fic, tbh, and that hasn't helped much. the only reason I'm playing DA:O is because the camera control via keyboard slows the swing down enough that it doesn't exacerbate things. which is good? but also doesn't help with productivity.

just took a benadryl for the itching/sneezing/post-nasal, so I should pass out in a couple hours. it is now raining for the first time in two weeks, whoopie. guess I'll go see about killing the zombie horde or whatever is pouring out of that castle, blah.

comments disabled because I have no wherewithal to respond to anything, soz.
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Marvel Cinematic Universe
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
6k words; T for Teen
Written for sceaterian

Victor von Doom, to the shock of many, announces that he's got exclusive access to new StarkTech and that he's not afraid to use it to further the betterment of his people in Latveria.

This is news to Tony, since he never gave him anything. He decides to go get his tech back, and Steve plus a few of the other Avengers-- whoever's around for Steve to drag into the Quinjet, basically-- come along for the ride.

read on ao3

Futbol!AU is next, goal is to be done and posted before end of month. Then the Howl's Moving Castle AU and the identity porn/kidfic mashup will be written and posted during October. THIS SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN TO ME, DOES IT SOUND LIKE A PLAN TO YOU????

(I also have to finish my Kylux Reverse Bang draft this month and during October/November write my Fandom Trumps Hate piece but we're talking about Stony right now, so: shhhhhhhh.)
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6/9/2017 wordcount: 1,162

All of that on the MCU fill. Gonna work on it more today, get some SPAG check in and finish off the last scene if I can. THEN I CAN POST IT, OHMYGAWD. And then I can move onto the next one, ahahahaha.

Around halfway through Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. I am like so bored and my hands feel like petrified raptor claws after having to manipulate the controller to get the two kids to work in tandem, but oh well. It's max 5 hours of playtime to 100%, so no use stopping now.

I also got a wee bit further into Arkham Asylum. Soon, I will have saved that damn warden and gotten the cryptographer upgrade so I can backtrack and nab all the yummy Riddler Trophies! SOON, THEY ALL SHALL BE MINE.

(Well, not all-- some of the stuff needs the Ultra Batclaw upgrade, and others need the zipline-- but there's A LOT of stuff behind those zappy doors that I've gotten snarly at already, so I get to still be hyped to have that roadblock removed.)

Okay time to pass out for four hours if I can manage it. THEN BACK TO WRITING, WHEE.
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2/9/2017 wordcount: 514

All of that on an MCU fill. Already sent an apology email out since I'm working so slow on it, but if I can just get my head to cooperate then it'll get done! GRAAAAAAAAH.

Spent most of yesterday sleeping. Gonna spend most of today sleeping too most likely, since I have to keep popping benadryl to not drown in my own snot. Just, yanno, on top of everything else. Swimming through mucous, that's me!

Eyes aren't tracking yet still, so I got to stick with slowish games if I'm going to game at all. Did not play more Walking Dead because I read an article on self-care, and playing Walking Dead is not self-care. It is masochism. It is self-inflicted torture.

So instead, I'm playing Viscera Cleanup Detail again. There is something very soothing about carrying corpse parts around to the incinerator and mopping up puddles of blood.

Today's goals:
+ 2k on the STH fill, hopefully to finish it.
+ 30 minutes in Hexels bare minimum, I've been ignoring that programme lately.
+ idk stay awake for longer than two hours at a time if fucking possible.
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1/9/2017 words: 831

Not as many words as I hoped to be, but the Kylux RBB pseudo-draft is done so now all I have to do is... write over it to make it an actual story instead of a beat-by-beat outline.

*looks at all the action scenes I wrote in*

Oh. Yay.

Migraine came back with a vengeance, but I have shit to do so I just toddle outside to puke and come back in to keep going with things. It's not my favourite way to spend my days, but I made promises and REFUSE to fail on them, so here we go. My new name is Pukey McPuke, go ahead and fight me about it if you wanna.

Finished Tales from the Borderlands. I am now an official Borderlands fan, that entire experience was great. I checked the fandom on ao3 in hopes that it's small enough for Yuletide aaaaand nope. Another nope of interest: all the fic I've found so far is really really bad. Like. My Immortal kind of bad. Crawling in my skin this onion will not peel... kind of bad.

Between Yuletide and the Cap/Ironman hols exchange, I might rouse myself to write a one-off this winter. Idk what pairing yet, but probably Handsome Jack-focused because the idea of someone so absolutely and genuinely sociopathic to believe that he's the hero of the story while he embarks on self-serving mass murder is really fucking intriguing to me. WHAT THE HELL GOES ON IN THAT MAN'S TINY MIND???

I have the ~Pre Sequel~ game that came in a bundle not too long ago, but I can't play as the Handsome Jack clone unless I buy the add-on. Which is ten bucks when at full price. So gonna have to wait for a sale on that one, cos AHAHAHA NO. It's okay, I started the game with the Athena build and will play through the story with her once my eyes start to track again.

Today's goals:
+ write 2k or more on the first STH fill
+ write 500 words on Kylux RBB proper draft
+ finish episode two of Walking Dead game *grumble*
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had a migraine for something like ten days. maybe more, idk. still hurty, but at this point the pain has receded enough that anything left is probably from lingering tension? again, i don't know. just spitballing here. so long as i don't have what feels like freezing cold claws digging into the back of my head and pulling, i'm good.

that being said, i'm horrendously behind on all my deadlines and yet again am scrambling. so huzzah for all that. if i can't get my shit together by tomorrow, i gotta send out more apology emails, god damn it.

today's goals:
+ finish the hammered outline draft of kylux big bang and send to artist
+ (hopefully) finish the first out of the four STH fills i've been poking at between bouts of excelled propulsion of the contents of my stomach.
+ idk play the final episode of Tales from the Borderlands, it's the only thing i've been able to focus on these last few days without getting ill. and i just finished episode four that had a song by freaking Twin Shadow on the soundtrack, so i'm all starry-eyed right now and full of goodwill for narrative games.

gonna TRY this month to post daily, even if it's just to bemoan my small or lack of wordcount, so let's see how that goes.
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14/8/2017 wordcount: 1,574

1.3k was on Kylux RBB and 224 put on a Stony Trumps Hate fill. Would've pressed to force work on my fandom5k continuation, but had to take benadryl to keep my eyeballs in their sockets and that basically killed me for the day. Still managed to get the work done before it knocked me on my ass, though, so hurrah for being up really fucking early because of drama going on outside, I guess?

The fandom5k words is supposed to be my carrot-and-stick. If I get at least a small chunk done on each of my commitment areas-- which right now is the Kylux RBB and the first of my STH fills-- then I will allow myself to put as much work as I can on a project that has no expectations or anxiety attached to it. *pets that story* Yes, yessssss. So good to me, yesss.

From a narrative standpoint, Telltale's The Walking Dead is a lazyass story full of contrived devices that entirely rely on ~~zombies to bring on the drama. I'm not going to give a shit about your characters if the only personal point you give before they die is that they're scared, and then after they're gone you reveal that oh, one of the survivors ~liked~ them. Big whoop, that's been done to death before in everything from soap operas to war dramas you fuckheads.

I'll finish the game because I give a shit about my perfect game score on Steam, but that's the only reason. It's gonna be like pulling teeth, and though my hatred of the comic has died down over the years, it's certainly being rekindled now.

Zuul was making noises last night that he needed to go to the bathroom, so I walked him on a leash out into the pitch so he'd have a chance to not fuck up my kitchen floor. Of course what he really wanted to do was chase desert frogs that are popping up due to all the rain.

Took him back inside after twenty minutes of dicking around, and Tidbit lost her shit. I think she thought I'd taken him away forever or something, because for the rest of the night she placed herself bodily between myself and him at all angles, and if I tried to touch him she'd get up and knock my hand away. HE'S HER DOGGO, NO TOUCHY.

This shit isn't funny, except how it totally is :3
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Still haven't written anything even though the deadlines are here and I'm left standing in a pit, peering over the edge and waving like a fool at them.

chatter about the game The Wolf Among Us )

I posted pics of Tidbit licking at Krikkit's moof on twitter a few days ago, yanno, if you want to coo over how adorable my one surviving dog is.
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my thread here

Playing Arkham Asylum now that it's downloaded. I'm not terribly sucked into the story yet, but I do love me some Mark Hamill yucking it up all over the place. I seriously would not give a shit about the Joker as a character at all if my first major exposure to him wasn't The Animated Series doing its thing. The comics I remember reading when I was six focused on old school Bats going after the Riddler, and I think in one instance the Penguin. Catwoman was around a bit. But no Joker in that particular run, which is good, cos Mark Hamill, everyone.

Gotta say though that the way they animate Batman in this game is pure 100% ridic. I made a crack on a screenshot of mine that "Bats' pecs look like they're gonna slither off his body and die on the floor" and now my flist is grossed out. Wusses.

Have literally been doing jack all for the last week except poking at vidya games ten minutes at a time and being ill. There are deadlines and emails owed and a whole host of bullshit I need to get to asap and yet here I sit. Trying to beat the cave level in GoNNER and steeping in self-loathing. It's a fun pasttime, self-loathing. You're never bored!
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Does this mean we can have crossover fic where Sam is really the Doctor taking a break cos the TARDIS is messed up or smth, and when it gets fixed she takes Moses and Pest with her across the universe as Companions? PLEASE CAN WE HAVE THIS????

....or I could just write it myself, fucking hell.
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Mass Effect Original Trilogy
Garrus Vakarian/Female Shepard
2.7k words; General Audiences
Written for the 2017 Not Prime Time Exchange

"A Krogan, a Salarian, and a Vorcha walk into a bar," Garrus says to his audience of one.

read on ao3

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1/7/2017 wordcount: 1,666
2/7/2017 wordcount: 1,124

...all of that on my Not Prime Time fic, which I just posted to the archive so it's in on time. According to the sign-up I technically have until tomorrow evening, but there's a note from the admins saying that the times are not accurate so I've been rushing to get it up now instead.

Next on list of priorities is to get another couple k done on my Kylux Big Bang, then spread out and get one of the MCU fics finished. /frazzled

One of my mother's dogs broke my keyboard early on the 30th, so the last few days of words were done on my old IBM Thinkpad, and this entry itself is being laboriously pecked out with the on-screen keyboard out of the accessibility options. I am hardcore, fuck yeah. Also, really really tired.

I'm getting a replacement tonight, so it's not like I'm out of commission for long, but still-- this is the third broken keyboard in something like ten months, shit has gotten old. I'm not particularly rough on them, I don't think, but these dogs are assholes and want to help me write! Or something. I really don't know what Gatsby's issue was on Friday, he can't speak English so it will remain a mystery.

Reading some Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson fic on ao3 now. I... have not watched the show, my entire experience with Daredevil is his cameo appearances in the Jessica Jones series ALIAS and some Alex Maleev art, but the fic being recced was accidental marriage and I'm such a sucker for that.

The stuff I'm finding-- sort by high kudos count and pay really good attention to the freaking tags, basically-- is starting to repeat itself, so if anyone has decent reccs I'd love to see them. Probably going to stop soon with poking at the archive myself, though. I mean. There's not a lot of plot in this corner of fandom, is there? That or I just haven't found the decent stuff yet, but come on.
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My mother brought home a two month hold puppy this afternoon. Infested like whoa with ticks, so attacking blood-sucking insects with tweezers is now a thing I've done. Just finished bathing her in tick shampoo like an hour ago, planning on doing another round tomorrow afternoon.

Her temperature is up, so if she doesn't cool down after she's been debugged, I guess to the vet I shall go. Again. Ahahaha.

I posted pix of her here and here if you want to see what a smol german shepard, great pyrenees mix looks like.

Got more shit on the Summer Sale, and have refunded two games already. The first was Dominique Pamplemousse which I played 17 minutes of and realised when I exited that I will never ever open that game again, and the second was The Witcher Adventure Game because learning how to play was like trying to decipher an alien language that consists solely of charts of hieroglyphs and a set of sticks that emit raspberry noises when rubbed together.

On the other hand, I now have Dragon Age: Origins and Baulder's Gate queued to download, so heeeeyyyyyyy. Gonna get my RPG on, yeah boyz.

Was supposed to write tonight. Oh well, guess I'll go play a game and cuddle the damp and upset newbie instead. Gotta figure out a name for her, cos jokingly calling her Gozer doesn't cut it. Before long that actually will become her name, and then what. What is left then. Other than getting another dog to name Clortho to join the ranks of Zuul and Gozer, oh my god I don't even like Ghostbusters that much what is this madness.
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11/6/2017 wordcount: 2,041

all of that on my Kylux reverse bang, because life has been an absolute shitshow since wednesday and I only calmed down enough today to get back to it. and tomorrow will be monday, so i'll be back to freaking the fuck out as soon as the sun's up, most likely.

at least the hockey was good. i was so fucking certain they were going to go into overtime but NOPE, two goals at the end there, like just one wasn't good enough to win, they had to emphasize it. now i can go back to pretending hockey doesn't exist until the next playoffs start, ahahah /bad fan
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Now that I've decided to go all in as a Penguins fan, I'm seeing how much people just absolutely hate that team. Like, piss and bile all over the place just because they exist. And I'm of course confused all to fucking hell because how can anyone hate Sidney Crosby's dumb face???

I actually had to remove someone on twitter over this because he was calling the Pens "prissy little bitches" and shit, and I was just. I was just like, "Dude, you're an overweight mid-40s guy, do you seriously think you're hot shit for smacktalking some hockey players who would totally lay you out in one half-assed blow?" I mean, really.

Whatever. Even if I wasn't a Pens fan I wouldn't respect that rhetoric. Chest-thumping and the poison of the male machismo is so tiring, I don't want to deal with that crap on my feed unless it's the punchline to a low hanging fruit joke.

I was an idiot over a week ago and stayed awake for over 40 hours. Been recovering for a while because of that, lots of muddled mouth breathing and bleary grumbling. And so many deadlines are creeping up on me, if I weren't so out of it I'd be totally panicking by now. I get the next four days to myself though, so hopefully I'll somehow get back on track.
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[community profile] raremaleslashex sign-ups are open. I actually nominated some things this time! Have six potentials to request and seven to offer, so gonna try to whittle that down a bit before I submit a sign-up. (If I don't think better of it between now and then, anyway. Pressure? What pressure???)

Three out of the four winning bidders on my offers for STH have responded with affirmatives so far. Guess this is actually happening, time to do the proverbial loin girding and get ready for some deadline shaking... yanno, other than the current deadlines that are already making me shake ahahaha.

Poking at the Twine Story Engine again. Think I might try to make some short-- like, between 2 to 5k words sort of short-- stories with it and use Marmoset Hexels to illustrate at key points. I need to try something to get some visibility to my original books, and idk the game community has treated me okay thus far. If I offer free gamebooks hosted on my server it might turn into sales. Won't know until I try, anyway!

This is all moot until summer is over and my deadlines are met, so whatever. See how it goes.
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24/5/2017 wordcount: 259

...eh. I've done worse. Done better, too, but deffo done a lot worse.

[community profile] treatyoselfcomm exchange is now open for sign-ups. It's designed so that you're writing for yourself, but with a deadline and an assigned cheerleader to get you to finish it. No penalty for dropping out apparently, but I like the concept so I signed up.

This is turning into another Summer of Kylux for me. There will be some Steve/Tony mixed in, but all my deadlines outside of the STH auction are Kylux-related now.

(except for the Not Prime Time fic, but shhhh, not allowed to talk about that one.)
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