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Still trying to find everyone from LJ; keep being derailed by usernames I recognise from fandoms of my past and seeing if I want to subscribe to their current fic/blog entries. Lotttttts of people are probably wondering who the fuck this rando is, sorry everyone! If it helps any, I don't expect you to follow back, I just want to lurk on your public posts!

After The Great Migration dies down a bit I'll start the process to transfer my entries over here so I don't look like quite the freak. It'll all be set to private, of course, because I made that LJ in 2004 and no one needs to see proof of my great teenage depression. The fact that I still have a handful of friends from that time period is absolutely astonishing to me.

Took the codeine last night and it was such. a. bad. idea! On one hand I discovered that the ubiquitous back pain I got the last time I regularly took codeine wasn't actually from my back being out-- on the other hand, that horrible horrible back pain was from a pill I willingly ingested, holy fuck.

In the future I will stick to the generic excedrin and whimpering in the corner method, because at least that way I know wtf is going on with my body.

Playing Fallout Shelter today and ran through a quest to rescue a kidnapped dog. Get to the dialogue with the Raiders, they demand their Caps and Snacks and Weapons, and I get an option to make a snappy retort. Clearly thinking that this was going to lead to a fight, I chose the option, "We come with the gift of knowledge: you give us the dog and we'll teach you how to write."

Whelp, their answer to that was "Oh cool, we'll be able to write better ransom notes!" and paid out the dog to me. So now I've got to live with the fact that, yes, I rescued a pooch from Raiders, but I also apparently held a Learning Annex course for them so they could learn how to properly express ideas in a narrative, and also how to extort people for money :/

Date: 12/04/2017 20:20 (UTC)
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I KNOW THIS FEELING. i created that lj when i was FRESHLY 13 and 100% of the entries until 2010 are all "man my parents really frighten me let me tell you about my undiagnosed MDD" and "MAN BEIN' A WEEABOO WITH GREASY HAIR SURE IS FUN. ^_^~" the hilarious part is, i met the person i would later marry on lj in 2006 and i have no idea why she married me after that.

sorry about your codeine intolerance. =( eta: scrolled down, answered own question. ugh. i had chronic daily migraines until two years ago. i...don't remember a FANTASTIC deal about that period of time. =| that sucks bad.
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Date: 13/04/2017 09:34 (UTC)
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stress will do it. i'm quite certain that stress is STILL the worst trigger for mine. it's worse if it raises your blood pressure. =( what changed for me might not be feasible for necessarily everyone: surgery, recovering from anorexia, muscle relaxants, liberal daily applications of mentholated pain cream, physical therapy, and packing up and leaving the country. (barring the 5000000000 drugs i was taking, and the handful i can still afford to take.)

but, uh, since your mileage may vary, here's some other stuff i do: if you have even the slightest sinus or allergy problems, use a neti pot every single day. buy a massager (but a real one, not a sex toy, honest) and use it on your shoulders and neck when you DON'T have a migraine, make sure those muscles are supple BECAUSE THOSE ARE THE MIGRAINE-INDUCIN' MUSCLES. FOR REAL, EAT YOUR VEGETABLES AND TAKE YOUR VITAMINS. take a LOT of vitamins. it sounds stupid and reductionist to say to someone "seriously, make sure you aren't dying of a deficiency" but constant migraines will CAUSE deficiencies if they aren't caused BY them in the first place, which only makes them worse. valerian root really does help lower your blood pressure and make the world slightly less terrible to deal with. and if you can drink coffee and if caffeine isn't a migraine trigger for you: one cup a day.

actually speaking of migraine-inducin' muscles, i think i used up my daily allotment of shoulder strength... i hope today is better for you!

Date: 13/04/2017 20:04 (UTC)
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I also started my journal in the early 2000s and I think I was still in my teens? I was a freshman in college so yeah! 18. Geeze.

I would prioritize the dog over humans in a videogame most times, so don't feel bad.

and codine is my damn kryptonite. Sucks.

Date: 14/04/2017 16:08 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] novel_machinist
Oh yeah, I was one of those spend approximately all my free time on LJ. I role played, wrote, role played... XD

I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. When Fable let me revive my dog in exchange for one NPC that NPC died so so so quick. So quick. Skyrim too! The dog dies I re-roll.

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