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Hallo, NPT author! I am a simple reader with simple, classless tastes, so you basically have free reign over what to write. I have a very short Do Not Want list, but otherwise GO WILD.

+ infidelity (makes my skin crawl!)
+ rape/non-con (dub-con doesn't squick me, however, just so long as retroactive and genuine consent is issued after the fact?)
+ 1st person perspective (gives me flashbacks to Twilight, sorry)

Some of my favourite cliches to read (that you can ignore or add at will) include:
+ bickering/arguing/being pissy with eachother
+ character A gets temporary amnesia and character B PINES and is STOIC IN THEIR PAIN
+ cyberpunk/steampunk/apocapunk/anypunk AUs or worldbuilding fusions (regardless of if I'm familiar with the material or not!)
+ mission/case fic where their relationship develops (from scratch or just further from an established point) over the course of the mission.
+ reversed aliens made them do it/sex pollen gimmicks where the aliens TRIED to make them do it but characters A and B kicked said aliens collective asses instead, then realise that they actually do want to do it anyway and get on down.

I am fine with explicit porn if you want to write it, fine with it if you don't. I love violence where both characters get to be badass and kill the Bad Guys but again, if you don't want to write that I won't tearfully turn away or anything.

Thank you for writing me something, anon author!

Here follows the c+p of what I included in my actual request, because why the hell not.

Mass Effect (Original Trilogy)
Female Shepard/Garrus Vakarian OR Kaidan Alenko/Male Shepard

I like hopeful endings and Shepard going by their surname only. Otherwise, I'll consume anything about these glorious, glorious people.

Good Omens

I haven't done much in this fandom, but so long as they aren't too outrageously OOC I'll take whatever and be glad for it. The book was really open-ended, so you can go anywhere with them. To Aruba! To the teashop! To a bookseller's convention where the head Auctioneer is murdered and Crowley has to figure out who the murderer is so they can catch their train back in time! INFINITE POSSIBILITIES!

Kingsman: The Secret Service
Harry Hart/Eggsy Unwin

I am all about the fix-it and the mission fic for these guys. Be as trope-ridden and cliche as you want, the movie is a hot mess of gimmick and fic for it should be too.
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