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Meme from [personal profile] used_songs:
List the first lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether). See if there are any patterns. Then, tag your favorite authors.

10 of my on-going WIPs

no one wants to fight me like you do: (SW fic; hux/kylo)
The report of estimation on Hux's datapad says that the broadcast will run for six hours and will contain two hours of music, three hours of various propaganda bits delivered in an array of formats, and one hour combined of Hux making one bloody speech after another.

gun street girls: (origfic; f/f)
The bank robber has not improved his wardrobe in the slightest, as far as the Bank Manager, Miss Agatha Pope, can tell.

infamous airbag: (origfic; genfic or pre-m/m)
"I'm too overqualified for this," Glicker says.

avec mes souvenirs: (kingsman fic; harry/eggsy)
"There are men out there who want to rule the world," Harry leads with.

motorbaby: (origfic; m/f)
The moment Motorbaby woke up in the hospice bed, he knew exactly what happened last Wednesday.

i was a teenage werepony: (origfic; m/m) (YES I KNOW OKAY)
On the night of the full moon, he locks himself into the basement and collapses face first into the pile of hay he hauled down there earlier.

we can't live on: (AtB fic; moses/sam)
Spoiler alert, yeah? His Uncle never shows up.

do you want to die: (origfic; f/f)
Her sleeves are rolled up past her elbows, not that it helps; splatters of shit and garbage coat her arms, seep down the edge of the rubber gloves and slick up her palms, the webbing at the crux of her fingers.

theatre of panic: (origfic; m/f)
Google Maps shows the building as a majestic five storey affair resplendent in glass and stonework and an elegant blinking orange neon OPEN sign over the door.

kodokushi: (MCU fic; clint/bucky)
Fifteen gone midnight, and he's awake and rubbing at the tight skin of his throat and breathing through cold lungs, laid out flat on his back.

10 already posted fics

baby doll i recognize you're a hideous thing inside: steve/tony mcu; link
The make is a 2004 Chevrolet Express with dinged white paint and a crushed rear fender. The tires are old enough that the tread is worn down and the handles are carefully wiped clean.

it's so hard to win when there's so much to lose : same/moses attack the block; link
First day back he goes the long way up to Pest's flat.

don't speak (i came to bang) : hux/kylo star wars; link
Ten mass squadrons of elite Stormtroopers lie dead across this field between Hux and the shuttle back to the Finalizer.

love the culture of victimhood: genfic cthulhu-noir; link
Her name is Tallulah, Tallu-lah, Tallu-lah-lay.

secrets for a buck: hux/kylo star wars; link
Hux's datapad pings with a holonet alert.

i'm a doctor today, i'm curing viewers by thousands : hux/kylo star wars; link
The transparisteel that makes up the viewports on the bridge are filled with the view of an unnamed planet close to the Varl Sector.

build a war on your assistance : hux/kylo star wars; link
There are a variety of legitimate concerns immediately following the destruction of Starkiller; most pertinent being how they're going to generate enough power to get the Finalizer to the First Order-controlled Terra Sool for repairs and fresh personnel.

stooping down to spoil the slain : genderswapped!harry/eggsy; link
Harry's introduction to lepidoptera happened at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

if you ever learn you never show it: genfic better call saul; link
James Morgan McGill, age five and one quarter, gives a presentation at his kindergarten about how he's going to be a SpaceWarrior Cowboy just like Buck Rogers in his brother's comic books, and he's going to save Space Princesses and fight octopusseses which are calamari before it's cooked.

chip away at your version of you: steve/tony mcu; link
Steve's finished his workout early if it's still mid-morning in New York City.

And for a lol bonus cos I'm too lazy to figure out where this would fit in the order of things, the first line of superannuated:
George Cuvier's suit is ruined in the middle of a supermarket.


Uh, so patterns. All except two of the quoted pieces mention the Main Character in the first line, either by name or by direct gender reference (He/She). Most of them are short statements, but that's common with present tense so whatever. Only two begin with dialogue, the rest are character/scenic observations.

I'm too tired to put much more thought into it, but I'm sure this summary of my current comfort zone re: openings will lead so something invaluable in the future.

Not tagging anyone specifically, if the meme interests you then you should totally go for it.
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