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5/5 to 8/5/2017 wordcount: 2,057
9/5/2017 wordcount: 4,582

Edited, posted to archive, done \o/

There's my NPT fic to get started on, but I'm gonna take a guilt-free day and rest my brain first.

Changed the brightness level on Bioshock so I can see wtf is going on, and whoom, the anxiety is gone and I can play it now. Currently on the Medical Pavilion level, have already saved/rescued one little sister and trying to find the second. I'm playing on easy and finding Medkits everywhere so there's no stress rn.

(Even on easy I'm sure the medkits are not as plentiful later in the game, but I figure I'll be better at the fight mechanics by then and it won't be a travesty.)

I have a backlog of comments and entries to get to, whoops.

Date: 10/05/2017 06:36 (UTC)
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Bioshock is such a sublime game. I played it a couple years ago, a little while after Infinite came out, and was really impressed at how it managed not to feel dated, it still looked really good, and all the gameplay was super polished.... /nerd I hope you keep having fun with it!
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