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No words today cos bleargh, puke, etc etc etc.

Figured out my deadlines because matches went out for the artists at Kylux RBB earlier, so I best get on that shit.

Not Prime Time: Posts to archive by July 3rd, 1k min but ahahahaha I'll prolly do 3x that much at least.

Kylux RBB: Outline due June 11th, check-ins by 5th of every month until full draft due at September 30th, 15k minimum.

Fandom Trumps Hate: Kylux fic due whenever, I'll probably squeak that out as I'm steeping in the RBB tbh.

Stony Trumps Hate: 1 to 4 fics out of that, will occupy the rest of my free time.

PLUS for origfic I get to finish the ~story on the pinch hit that I still am unable to link because author reveals aren't until the 20th, yay.

So so so glad I deleted my sign-up for everywoman, I'd be screaming at myself right now otherwise /o\ Posting this so I can reference it if I lose my notepad with this shit on it, which I've already done TWICE in the last WEEK.

HOW TO PROCRASTINATE, by grue, age 28

10 cast about something to do on reddit/dw/twitter
20 look up table flipping emoji
30 find table flipping emoji. see: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
40 look up table fixing emoji.
50 find table fixing emoji. see: ┬─┬ノ(ಠ_ಠノ)
60 queue a million HOGs on Steam for binge-play in June.
70 check stony trumps hate tumblr; "like" all auction posts made live since last loading (three hrs ago)
80 open scrivener of any on-going projects with hardened resolve.
90 close scrivener of any on-going projects in abject defeat.
100 GOTO 10
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