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Now that I've decided to go all in as a Penguins fan, I'm seeing how much people just absolutely hate that team. Like, piss and bile all over the place just because they exist. And I'm of course confused all to fucking hell because how can anyone hate Sidney Crosby's dumb face???

I actually had to remove someone on twitter over this because he was calling the Pens "prissy little bitches" and shit, and I was just. I was just like, "Dude, you're an overweight mid-40s guy, do you seriously think you're hot shit for smacktalking some hockey players who would totally lay you out in one half-assed blow?" I mean, really.

Whatever. Even if I wasn't a Pens fan I wouldn't respect that rhetoric. Chest-thumping and the poison of the male machismo is so tiring, I don't want to deal with that crap on my feed unless it's the punchline to a low hanging fruit joke.

I was an idiot over a week ago and stayed awake for over 40 hours. Been recovering for a while because of that, lots of muddled mouth breathing and bleary grumbling. And so many deadlines are creeping up on me, if I weren't so out of it I'd be totally panicking by now. I get the next four days to myself though, so hopefully I'll somehow get back on track.

Date: 06/06/2017 16:32 (UTC)
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I will tell you, the thing that annoys me about the Pens is that one specific NBC commentator drools all over them. So if you're watching an NBC covered game and rooting for the other team, it makes for extremely frustrating coverage. (Hell, I have heard the commentator mention Crosby when the Pens weren't playing and there was no real reason to bring him up.) So the thing that is most annoying to me about them is how much officials/commentators are offering them sloppy wet kisses, especially when I would expect NBC coverage to be non-biased.

WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL TEAM, and is why I do not hate on them.

Date: 06/06/2017 16:51 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] theemdash
Ha ha, yes, that's probably wise. Locally covered for your team is usually pretty entertaining. I actually pay for NHL Game Center so I can watch out-of-market games for my team, and I like their coverage. There are a handful of times when I'm like, "wow, you guys are biased," but they're biased for my team, so it's easier to forgive them. ;)
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