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11/6/2017 wordcount: 2,041

all of that on my Kylux reverse bang, because life has been an absolute shitshow since wednesday and I only calmed down enough today to get back to it. and tomorrow will be monday, so i'll be back to freaking the fuck out as soon as the sun's up, most likely.

at least the hockey was good. i was so fucking certain they were going to go into overtime but NOPE, two goals at the end there, like just one wasn't good enough to win, they had to emphasize it. now i can go back to pretending hockey doesn't exist until the next playoffs start, ahahah /bad fan

Date: 12/06/2017 11:45 (UTC)
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writing a big bang, while fun, can sometimes be overwhelming-- given the word count. though I'm not sure how long the reverse bang your in is supposed to be.

Date: 13/06/2017 04:42 (UTC)
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OH MAN !!! THE PENGUINS !!! SO GOOD SO GOOD I'm so happy that they won hahaha. That's kind of my mentality when it comes to hockey too; the only team I follow-ish are the Penguins so. :') It was a good playoffs season haha.

Good luck with writing!! YOU CAN DO IT (and I hope life calms down for you too)
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