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Still haven't written anything even though the deadlines are here and I'm left standing in a pit, peering over the edge and waving like a fool at them.

Played The Wolf Among Us to completion last week. I still have to replay a few chapters to get all the achievements, but I'm holding off on that cos I might just... replay the entire thing instead? It was such a good game despite a few glaring issues, and was an excellent example of episodic writing, so I'm probably going to just have a second go of it and try to pick the narrative structure apart, at the very least.

The one thing I hated in the game was how there were like zero POC even though this is based in NEW YORK FUCKING CITY, WHAT THE HELL. I read maybe two thirds worth of the run of Fable and actually do not remember any POC in those either, so it's probably just being ~true to the source~~~~~, but that's not an actual excuse. The only character who probably HAS to be white is Snow White, because that's her name and she's so pissy at times that it fits the stereotype. Everyone else? Naaaaaah, man. Nah.

But ANYWAY, when season two is released, provided I have the disposable income available, I will be getting it. More UST between Bigby and Snow White, yes. I absolutely adored Bigby before the writer began using him as a mouthpiece for his gross political views, but that guy has no input on the games so I get to enjoy that character again AND rip the limbs offa trolls! It's a Win/Win all around!

I posted pics of Tidbit licking at Krikkit's moof on twitter a few days ago, yanno, if you want to coo over how adorable my one surviving dog is.
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