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Think I got everyone who is active on DW moved here from LJ. Hallo, hallo, I was hellboy back in the home place but some rotten dirty namesitter got that one back when DW was new apparently so I'm stuck with my original account name-- which, by and by, is a handle I used when I was fifteen and still posting to ff.net. Oh my god. The void has been mentioned, it will now rise up and come for me.

Was thinking of doing some thoughtful, well-articulated post about how I've changed since I last blogged on the regular to commemorate the move, but eh. No one cares, myself least of all.

Spent from Feb 11th to April 4th downloading Bioshock Remastered and oh my god that game is terrifying. It shouldn't be, but the atmosphere and "set design" (so to speak) is very similar to nightmares I flee for my life in on the regular. Went so far as to check up on how the first level goes in a walkthrough so I know what to expect, and I'm still having trouble playing more than ten minutes at a time.

Needless to say, am quite frustrated with myself.

Currently downloading Mass Effect 2, but since I already finished the first one there deffo won't be trouble playing the second. Ha. Time to finally romance Garrus, oh yes.

On fifth attempt to find my focus on CampNaNo project. Brain fatigue is horrible to work through, mainly because it doesn't matter how much I stare at the document, no words come to mind to write. So back I go to Fallout Shelter or whatever, metaphorical tail between my legs, feeling like a failure.

But hey, at least I'm halfway through my May the 4th fic. That one isn't having any issue being written, probably because it's got its own worldbuilding and a relatively close deadline attached.

This new phone keeps whistling at me to get my attention. Gonna file charges for sexual harassment, I am not joking here.
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