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kjata: tales from the borderlands (did gyre and gimble in the wabe)

here i am in my bucket today

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Created on 2009-05-09 09:47:49 (#319215), last updated 2017-09-10 (1 week ago)

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Name:the Spalding Gray of crap

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Your kicked dirt **** DESTROYS **** radiation! [69]
You receive a Nobel Prize from the mutilated corpse of radiation.

cunthulhu on steam | grue on ao3 | glitzob on twitter
my dog's name is Tidbit | here is my ko-fi if you are so inclined

this sort of thing makes me so mad I could strangle a manatee in the nude. *

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#resist, aardwolf, arcanum, arkane studios, articy:draft, astrophysics, attack the block, batman, berkley breathed, biopunk, borderlands, bravos de juárez, calculus, calvin and hobbes, china miéville, clockpunk, cormac mccarthy, cosmology, cthulhu, cyberpunk, danny the dog, darkhorse comics, david bowie, dc comics, dinosaur comics, dj sharpnel, django reinhardt, dorothy parker, douglas adams, edith piaf, eldritch horrors, emmanuel macron/justin trudeau, enter the gungeon, ex machina, failbetter games, fallout, fandom, fantagraphics, feminism, frictional games, futurama, grace jones, harebrained schemes, hartwin, haruki murakami, hellboy, hunter s thompson, ice-pick lodge, image comics, intersectional feminism, irrational games, jorge luis borges, julio cortázar, kingsman: the secret service, kylux, la cage aux folles, les visiteurs, lobster johnson, lynda naclerio, mad max fury road, maggie cheung, magical realism, man man, manchester united, margot and the nuclear so and so's, marjane satrapi, marmoset hexels, mass effect, mathematics, max headroom, mechatronics, monty python's flying circus, mystery science theater 3000, nina simone, number theory, octavio paz, peaches, peter cook, philip k dick, pittsburgh penguins, poe dameron/leia organa, portishead, quantum mechanics, queens of the stone age, radiohead, richard feynman, saturday morning breakfast cereal, scrivener, self-publishing, shirley jackson, snowpiercer, space operas, spacex, speculative fiction, spiderweb software, spike milligan, squeenix, star wars, steampunk, steve/tony, stony, supergiant, telltale games, terry gilliam's brazil, terry pratchett, the elder scrolls, the goon show, the pixies, the twilight zone, theoretical physics, tim cain, tom waits, tv on the radio, tv tropes, ursula k. le guin, zork, мор. утопия
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