kjata: (the lady of situations)

whoreson bob: omg
whoreson bob: omg
whoreson bob: omfffffg
whoreson bob: i should write my name is mayo fic
whoreson bob: fuse it with ALL the fandoms
whoreson bob: and just
whoreson bob: just terrorise ao3
whoreson bob: with my name is mayo

& then...

whoreson bob: my mother just knocked over her backpack for the upteenth time tonight, so I took it away from her
whoreson bob: she can't have it anymore if she's just gonna throw it on the ground like that
whoreson bob: when did I become the mother to a 65 y.o. toddler?

& then...

whoreson bob: you were screwing in an armpit, idk if that qualifies as "happiness"

& finally...

whoreson bob: i should redownload My Beautiful Laundrette so i can rip the plot for a Star Wars AU
King BUcket: Do it.
whoreson bob: i have a problem don't i?
King Bucket: Yes.
King Bucket: Yes you do.
kjata: tales from the borderlands (Default)
Holy fuck Scott Weiland died. He was the vox for the soundtrack of my youth, just like Adam Yauch was, so I'm stunned and don't really know what to do with my hands or face when I think about it. So here we go, let's stop thinking about it.

About 60% done with writing my fic for the Cap/Iron Hols Exchange. Not gonna do this exchange again, simply because Age of Ultron has pervaded the MCU, and I refuse to deal with that shit.

Yuletide is tentatively outlined. Shit god damn the MC's voice is hard to get down. Never again check a fandom for a lark, self. You will always come to regret it.

My sign-up for the Hartwin exchange is... still in a nebulous stage, because I've been so focused on my Kingsman fic for extreme big bang that my head hasn't switched over. But it'll happen before the deadline, whatever.

I'm on Steam if you want to be friends. And to illustrate the goings-ons over there, namely with a game called Fist of Jesus...

homicidal porn merchant: TO KILL LEPERS, YOU THROW FISH AT THEM
homicidal porn merchant: [SOBS]
homicidal porn merchant: OBVS
homicidal porn merchant: I MISSED THAT PART IN CATHOLIC SCHOOL
homicidal porn merchant: BUT OKAY
King Bucket: AHAHA

and then later--

homicidal porn merchant: KILLED BOTH JESUS AND JUDAS, DAMNIT
King Bucket: You are the worst catholic on the planet.
homicidal porn merchant: I REALLY AM

I'm also playing Bastion like whoa, cos it's so so gorgeous. I'm not quite invested in the story yet, but having fun with the battle system and the graphics and the soundtrack, shit goddamn that soundtrack, so I figure the plot will unfold eventually and make me give a crap.
kjata: super mario nerd shirt (his vanity requires no response)
grue: ugh, thinking of writing a one-off Three's Company with Cthulhu as the John Ritter character
King Bucket: You have so many irons in the fire.
grue: lmao
grue: i'll never write half of them
grue: i just have dreams of writing all these cthulhu-fusions and littering ao3 with them
King Bucket: Then you'll just have a melted mass of irons and create a True Abomination™.

...she's right, you know. i'm working on a true abomination as we speak. his name is Harvey and he's got one of those wonderful healing dicks that squash spiders and work as stepladders when you're trying to reach the high-shelf in the kitchen.

King Bucket: KJATABAT.
grue: [sobs terribly]
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