kjata: (when you're hiding in your fear)
Sometimes I lie to myself because it’s the only way to do a thing I want to do. If I focus on how hard the thing will be, how scary it seems, I’d stay stuck in place forever. I’ve been tricking my anxiety for years, and mostly I think I win. I may feel like a failure inside my screwed-up brain, but I’m still moving forward. I might not feel the achievements as they occur, but they do exist. I hope one day I can celebrate my successes, but I’m not going to wait for that day. I choose to live, too.

Marisa Siegel, in today's Daily Rumpus Email: An Uphill Climb to I'm Not Sure Where
kjata: (the lady of situations)

whoreson bob: omg
whoreson bob: omg
whoreson bob: omfffffg
whoreson bob: i should write my name is mayo fic
whoreson bob: fuse it with ALL the fandoms
whoreson bob: and just
whoreson bob: just terrorise ao3
whoreson bob: with my name is mayo

& then...

whoreson bob: my mother just knocked over her backpack for the upteenth time tonight, so I took it away from her
whoreson bob: she can't have it anymore if she's just gonna throw it on the ground like that
whoreson bob: when did I become the mother to a 65 y.o. toddler?

& then...

whoreson bob: you were screwing in an armpit, idk if that qualifies as "happiness"

& finally...

whoreson bob: i should redownload My Beautiful Laundrette so i can rip the plot for a Star Wars AU
King BUcket: Do it.
whoreson bob: i have a problem don't i?
King Bucket: Yes.
King Bucket: Yes you do.
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