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I think I'm going to try for the rest of October to try to just... disconnect from the news cycle? Because it's from immediate waking until I pass out, all this horrific stuff, and I'm just not getting anything done other than processing it.

Which, of course, is what 45 wants people to do-- put their heads down and endure, not rise up and give voice to all that is wrong, but still. For my own sanity, and for my nonexistent wordcount that cannot stand, I need to disengage here.

So, uh. I'll post on days I've written to record the count, and might tweet in the dead of night when the RTs of 45's latest shitstorm aren't so active, and otherwise will just spend the month getting my stories written, to hell with the rest of it.

One bit of goodness today: the stray husky who has been around for a couple years now-- and who hasn't gotten really close because of (obvs) being shot at by my glorious neighbours-- a few hours ago came to me when I called to eat leftover sopa off a plate as I held it. He's so emaciated, and he's so pretty, and he looks exactly like Cagney did, so I started crying and he finished his snack then took half a step back to give me the sideeye. Which is also what Cagney did, so there we go, that does it.

It'll be getting cold soon, so if I can just get him to stick around and crawl into a makeshift doghouse to keep warm and alive then at the very least I'll consider this a success. Ofc ultimately I want to hug him, but one thing about spooked strays who've had to survive on their own for a while? You do things on their time, not your own.
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1/7/2017 wordcount: 1,666
2/7/2017 wordcount: 1,124

...all of that on my Not Prime Time fic, which I just posted to the archive so it's in on time. According to the sign-up I technically have until tomorrow evening, but there's a note from the admins saying that the times are not accurate so I've been rushing to get it up now instead.

Next on list of priorities is to get another couple k done on my Kylux Big Bang, then spread out and get one of the MCU fics finished. /frazzled

One of my mother's dogs broke my keyboard early on the 30th, so the last few days of words were done on my old IBM Thinkpad, and this entry itself is being laboriously pecked out with the on-screen keyboard out of the accessibility options. I am hardcore, fuck yeah. Also, really really tired.

I'm getting a replacement tonight, so it's not like I'm out of commission for long, but still-- this is the third broken keyboard in something like ten months, shit has gotten old. I'm not particularly rough on them, I don't think, but these dogs are assholes and want to help me write! Or something. I really don't know what Gatsby's issue was on Friday, he can't speak English so it will remain a mystery.

Reading some Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson fic on ao3 now. I... have not watched the show, my entire experience with Daredevil is his cameo appearances in the Jessica Jones series ALIAS and some Alex Maleev art, but the fic being recced was accidental marriage and I'm such a sucker for that.

The stuff I'm finding-- sort by high kudos count and pay really good attention to the freaking tags, basically-- is starting to repeat itself, so if anyone has decent reccs I'd love to see them. Probably going to stop soon with poking at the archive myself, though. I mean. There's not a lot of plot in this corner of fandom, is there? That or I just haven't found the decent stuff yet, but come on.
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11/6/2017 wordcount: 2,041

all of that on my Kylux reverse bang, because life has been an absolute shitshow since wednesday and I only calmed down enough today to get back to it. and tomorrow will be monday, so i'll be back to freaking the fuck out as soon as the sun's up, most likely.

at least the hockey was good. i was so fucking certain they were going to go into overtime but NOPE, two goals at the end there, like just one wasn't good enough to win, they had to emphasize it. now i can go back to pretending hockey doesn't exist until the next playoffs start, ahahah /bad fan
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